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BENEFITS OF AVOCADO Lowering Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, Controlling blood sugar, Protects against cancer, Preventing inflammation, Increasing weight

Benefits of avocado for healty

Avocados are one fruit that is known to contain many benefits for the body. The fruit is known to have a lot of nutritional value in it, including carbohydrates, fat, dietary fiber, protein, and others. Nutrition on the avocado can be used in the human body healthy. Here are some of the properties owned by avocado fruit, as reported by Mag for Women.



1. Lowering Cholesterol

Eating avocado is known to lower LDL cholesterol (orbad cholesterol). Not only that, avocado also helps increase the amount of HDL cholesterol(good cholesterol).

2. Blood Pressure

Avocado fruit is known to help lower and control bloodpressure. This is due to the presence of potassium contained in the avocado.

3. Controlling blood sugar

Avocados contain monounsaturated fats (mono-saturated fat) which help to overcome insulinresistance. with
so, this content also helps the body to control blood sugar levels.

4. Protects against cancer

Research conducted in animals by feeding them avocado extracts showed that avocados are also can help prevent skin cancer, prostate cancer, and oral cancer. However, further studies in humans still not been done and is still limited.

5. Preventing inflammation

The study also showed that in addition to favors,avocado also has nutrients that can help prevent inflammation. This can be used to prevent the risk of diseases related to inflammation of the emergence of body.

6. Increasing weight

Eating avocado is a healthy way to promote weight loss. Avocados contain enough calories and many nutrients to help increase weight. If you are too skinny and need to increase weight gain,Avocado can be one of your best friends.

7. Healthy skin and hair

Avocado oil is often used in cosmetics to moisturize
the skin and make it glow. In addition,avocados also contain ingredients that can make hair healthy and beautiful. Vitamin E is found in avocados will protect the skin from harmful sun radiation.That’s some of the benefits of eating avocado. Thisfruit is not only delicious and can be enjoyed in avariety ofshape, but also can provide many essential nutrientsfor the body


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