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16 tips on how to lose weight to be sexy girl

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how to lose weight to be sexy girl Fill a large plate with cereal but must stop television while you eat Care to eat vegetables legumes

Lose wight to be hot sexy girls

You want sexy , so…!. Diet expert Juliette Kellow, there are several new ways how to lose weight and to configure body for summer vacation at the beach. Want to have perfect form, but without taking any diet? Now you can do this if you follow the advice of Dr. Kellow.

1. Fill a large plate with cereal – to lose weight to be sexy girl

Most of the time, said that we should eat less, but according to a Penn State University study, if only eat cereal for breakfast, then, must be a huge amount. The study shows that if the amount of grain is larger, helps in losing calories, more than a sprinkle.
Benefit for beach body: Change how the quantity and your body will start to lose calories, being shaped in the best way.

2 but must stop television while you eat

Have a better opportunity to have the best body, if you leave the radio. A study conducted with 6,500 adults showed that while feed and watch television, do not attach importance to food, thereby increasing the chances of being overweight. Benefit for beach body: Keep a diary of what you eat. For example, if you reduce a loaf of bread, some butter and honey you can lose 140 skip a day.

3. Make better selection of food

According to Cornell University, the first food we choose to look at the restaurant menu, or in the refrigerator. In a survey done, 86% chose the fruit when it was first offered, while 55% chose when offered in the end. Benefit for beach body: Look around and see what good might have more to eat healthy, and do not get food first comes to hand. If you choose a dish with less fat, compared with another that has more fat can be removed easily 300 calories a day.

4 and place on tray – to lose weight to be sexy girl

According to the same university, the food should be put in trays, because only those who hold the platter, are able to take with them only the dessert, not the salad. In tray has more room and things can get healthy even if you do not consume.
Benefit for beach body: If you change that brought 400 dessert salad switch that brought you 30 calories, the difference in your body will be different within the month.

5. Receive daily probiotic to lose weight to be sexy girl

Women who are weakened by using probiotic, have lost five kilograms in 12 weeks, two kilograms more than those who have never used, was the breakthrough that made ​​Qubeck University in Canada. Benefit for beach body: Choose the right probiotikun, which makes balancing the bacteria in the gut, compared with what it claims is much healthier.

6. Eat more solid foods to lose weight to be sexy girl

Adults are more likely, eat soft foods, compared with those strong, has discovered a University of Florida research. But if you eat solid foods, our body during chewing spends about 50 calories, which is based on half a kilogram weekly. Benefit for beach body: As part of the waist always pointed out when we are on the beach, replace soft foods, with those that are stronger. For example, choose the meat pieces and mince aside, do the same when choosing between banana or apple, and bread baked twice with normal bread.

7. Remain in good humor

Researchers at the Institute of have come to the conclusion that people who are inclined are more likely to choose healthy food, while those who are not available to choose at all. Benefit for beach body: If you refrain from a daily brought croissants with jam, you save 250 calories a day, which gets about half a kilogram per month. Therefore try other things that make you happy, like listening music, walks in the sun or rafters with friends.

8. Become attentive to healthy foods

A new study shows that almost all adults, just look healthier longer inscription read the contents of the food. This does not always mean that these foods are healthy and do not resolved the largest portion. Benefit for beach body: Always check the description of calories, as content can fool you. Less fat, for example, means more sugar, so better do it in the regular way.

9. Use perfume

When you smell the smell of meat, bread, soup or add us chocolate appetite, compared with other fragrances such as that of a pine tree, or cut grass, that did the opposite. Benefit for beach body: When food smell, turn fragrant candles, put perfume on the body and in the room, or use hygiene, in order todistracted i food.

10. Leave the cup on the table when the fill with wine

At the University of Iowa, have come to the conclusion that if the empty wine glass in hand that we hold, we fill 12% more than in the glass that is on the table. The same goes with the shape of the glass, since glasses long enough to fill less, compared with round glass. Benefit for beach body: Put the cup on the table when the empty summer after 12% less you have to avoid 20 calories a cup, which is a monthly half-kilogram.

11. Suppose that every day is Monday

Earlier this week, we are always on the alert and take care to respect the diet, and this happens in 80% of cases. Benefit for beach body: Keep records than keep feeding mode on the first day of the week and compare with other days. You can avoid over 500 calories, which is about two kilograms per month.

12. Care to eat vegetables legumes

Louisiana University study shows that people who eat vegetables legumes, have two numbers smaller clothes, than those who do not eat. By serving a chance to obesity, are 53% more, people who do not use pulse. Benefit for beach body: Put vegetables in salad legumes, because they have fewer calories than corn, cheese or baked different things. If you do so, for 30 days, half a kilo can be removed.

13. Reduce salt

Foods that take away from the restaurant, like pizza or products are packed with salt and calories. For this we must be careful because foods with salt, cause weight gain and number of dressing. Benefit for the beach body you stop immediately with plenty of salt from foods, especially those that have more calories. Rather than eat a packet of salted chips with 260 calories, get healthy carrot sticks, that within a month, to have half a kilogram less.

14. Focus on eating lunch

University of Birmingham, has concluded that women who do not eat lunch properly, in 30% of cases rend eat and other things later. And this means, 30% more calories. Benefit for beach body: Turn phone, television and computer, and focus 100% on the meal you eat. Then 100% reduce other things you eat, in order not to add one more kilogram per month.

15. Take in the morning sunshine

People exposed to sunlight in the morning, have more advantages than those who exploit this afternoon warmth, because light regulates blood circulation, which directly affects the metabolism. Benefit for beach body: One need only half an hour of sunshine a day, but the more sun the better. Go out for a walk in the morning, or do laps with the bike and burn 250 calories in 30 minutes. It helps you remove one kilogram per month.

16. Remove temptation of drink

The University of Birmingham has come to en end that people keep diet, can not resist the temptation of drink during the evening. This is bad news for the body line, because a glass of wine has 250 calories. Benefit for beach body: Replace a wine glass with gin and tonic that has 50 calories, which will help to avoid a kilo per month.


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